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Live a little…more

A new friend of mine said to me the other day, “You need to live a little more, just live your life to the fullest”. This was coming from the fact that he observed that I take myself a little too seriously. Everything is a big deal for me. Seemingly small things, like taking selfies to post on social media, I overthink. I just don’t get the point and in my defence, I think I outgrew the phase of taking several selfies and posting them for validation. These days I post once in six months and I had even deleted my IG at some point because I felt there was no point to the app. I am back on it now but still don’t feel compelled to post everyday.

Back to my friend’s advice to live a little more. He was commenting on my Whatsapp display picture that shows my back and not my face 🤣🤣. He said that’s ridiculous and I must show my beautiful face, smile and show the world my joy. I should live life with few rules because rules stifle life. He said too many rules will stop you from really living.

I thought about this advice and my conclusion is that my life is not that bad. I love my life and just because I don’t post smiling selfies it does not mean I don’t have joy. My life may be too serious to the onlooker and yes, I prefer posting thoughtful quotes or bible verses, but that’s a personal choice. I might spend months with one display picture, but is it that deep? Off social media I am actually having the time of my life. I am lowkey like that.

I honestly don’t even have the time to take selfies these days. I hadn’t thought much about it, but now that I have, I don’t like the idea of conforming to the standards of society when it comes to living out loud. My definition of living is the opposite of posting all my good moments on social media. I think truly living is actually switching off devices and being in the moment, having authentic conversations and experiences. If living means I must pose on social media, posting for no reason besides showing people that I am happy, then I’ll gladly pass.

Let me tell you more about my idea of a life well lived:

  • Living to please God and not man
  • Living life on my own terms and not society’s terms
  • Not seeking validation from anyone
  • Living to be a better version of myself everyday
  • Accepting my own idea of happiness and life. Defining life on my own terms
  • Taking selfies for me and not for public consumption
  • Going places and enjoying myself in the moment and never posting about it

Are you living life on your own terms? Is society guiding your every move? What’s your definition of living out loud?

5 thoughts on “Live a little…more

  1. I like that you said you’re actually living the life, just not sharing it with the world. That’s your choice, nobody’s.

    And yes, I am surely living my life on my terms!

    After all… Y.O.L.O. 🤩

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