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The task of today’s blog post is to let you in on what my blog is all about, the main goal behind it.  This is an easy one for me to write because just a few days ago, I was taking part in a course about personal branding. I had to ask myself a lot of questions about who I am and what my life mission statement would look like if I were to write it. So, the main goal of my site is in three parts. This blog is part of my life’s mission to inspiremotivate and connect with other humans through the written version of my life experiences, and that, in a nutshell, is the goal of my blog. But let me break it down for you.

What’s in a name?

I titled my blog More To Getty. My name is Getrude and most people shorten it to Getty. So when I say “more to Getty”, I mean that this blog allows you to get to know a little bit more about me, beyond the first impressions or the physical me that people see when they meet me in person. I am an introvert and generally very quiet unless I know someone, so this is my way of sharing more about myself. I would also call it an invitation to go deeper because we often judge a book by its cover and very rarely get to dive in deeper to know what makes the person say what they say, do what they do or be how they are. So, my posts are usually very reflective and attempt to analyse issues that are of interest to me.

A brief history

I started writing creatively when I was 15, in notebooks and later journals as I grew older. I started writing online in 2012 as an escape from the pressures of my social work job. My first posts were all about the social work profession and my blog was called Mind of a Social Worker back then. Years later, albeit with a new name, this blog is still my escape, my space where I can be unapologetically myself.

What do I write about?

Because of my social work background, a lot of my posts may sound like advice columns or motivational pieces. I cannot help myself, it comes with the profession. However, whenever I give advice, it is based on personal experience and not prescriptive. I sometimes write posts that comment on social issues, based on my travels and living in different countries. As you read this blog, you will know where exactly in the world I will be when I am writing. I have written about Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, and other places I have been fortunate to travel to in between.  Because this is not a travel blog, the posts about places I have lived in or visited tend to focus on my integration and social adjustment, with rare posts about what I did or how I experienced the people in a particular country.

A recent theme in my posts has been my spiritual journey. I find comfort in sharing my relationship with Christ and whatever message the Lord gives me to share. I find sharing the word of God to be very therapeutic and it gives me an opportunity to share my faith with others. I also verbalise my feminism in some posts, which comes as no surprise. I am a proud feminist. Being a feminist does not mean that I hate men or take every opportunity to shout “Men are trash”. My feminism is rooted in my love for the equality of opportunity and access. I detest patriarchy and all the oppression it has brought to women. As a 30-something-year-old, highly educated African female, I experience a lot of misogyny and I call it out as often as I can.

Otherwise, I try to write balanced views about society in general and the world I live in, from my point of view and sometimes based on conversations with the people around me. I write about being single, relationships (friends, family, romantic), work and studying. I would say my blog does not fit a particular niche because my life is such a mixed bag of experiences. I would describe myself as a personal blogger writing about all the different facets of my life from a social, relational and spiritual point of view.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the main goals of my blog. Cannot wait to read your goals for your sites.


Your comments and feedback are sincerely appreciated.