New year, new things?

Pamvura in Mvurwi

Around this time every year we go through this desire to change in the new year. We talk about setting new, better goals around this time of year more than any other time. Even though we know by end of the second month of the year most of those goals will be forgotten, we still make them. Because we are human and we have that desire to do better than we did, to be better versions of ourselves.

I was wondering about this. I was making a short list of some of the things I wouldn’t mind changing in the coming year, but then I realised I always do this. Every December there is that one thing that I just have to change when the new year comes in. In December 2018 I wrote “I need something new in 2019”. I didn’t know what it was, I just knew I needed change. I know I did the same in 2020 getting in 2021, and I am doing it now going into 2022.

New year, new things. Out with the old, in with the new. New year, new me (i’m guilty of this one). These are all common mantras at this time of year. But what’s so wrong with staying the same? Because we do end up realising that we haven’t changed all that much once the new year actually begins.

It might be psychological—this need to express a desire to change and be better than we were. But somehow we never move from expression to actual change because change is really not that easy.

If the past year and the one before it taught me anything it’s that we really don’t have much control over this life thing. COVID hit and scattered all our well-thought-out plans and goals. Dreams remained just dreams and never saw the light of day. Yet, we still hope for a brighter day. The audacity of hope!!

I stopped midway writing my list of things I want to change to write this post. I am not sure if I will finish it because I am just realising that maybe, just maybe leaving things as they are may not be such a bad idea. I can express the desire to change, but I can also change my mind by the 1st of January (which is my birthday by the way).

Enjoy the last few days of 2021. If you’re making lists please drop me links so I can check them out. If you love where you are now and don’t want anything to change, that’s also perfectly okay. Let me know what you will be doing in the comment section.


5 thoughts on “New year, new things?

  1. I most certainly stopped writting stuff down a year or 2 ago after i realized that what kept me from achieving mg goals was/is lack of discipline. I would sure write all the stuff i wished for in the new year alongside strategies that were to aid in the realization of my dreams but then a week into the new year i would be up again with the procrastination. Lately i just let things flow, celebrate achievements as they come. Subconsciously i know i would smile and say this is what i’ve always wanted.

    Writing stuff down is a good reminder though for when you see that you’re really slacking.

    I enjoyed reading this!

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    1. Thanks for your comment. And yes, it was like that for me too. A week in I realise I can’t keep up. Cheers to letting things flow in 2022 🥂


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