They keep me up at night, heavy and sweaty,

heart beating at a rate that is way too fast for comfort.

They steal away the time meant for my beauty sleep,

making everything dark and ugly.

I have never had a nightmare during the day, must they always come when there’s no one to call on?

When everyone is fast asleep enjoying their sweet dreams?

Sometimes I feel too scared to go back to sleep, eyes heavy with sleep but I force myself to read a book or jot down something ;

Something, anything to keep my mind from the ugliness that woke me up.

Where do mightmares come from? Are they man made? Is it my subconscious trying to tell me something or there are truly people out there using charms on me and disturbing my sleep?

We’re all scared of something. Is that the substance of our nightmares?

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Oh well, guess I will not be getting answers to those questions today but I just had to ask them.

It’s a way to pass the time until I can sleep again.

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