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Six signs you are being manipulated?

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How do you know when you’re being manipulated? I thought about this for a while today and decided to write about some tell-tale signs that one might be in a manipulative situation.

First off, what is manipulation? According to this source manipulation is the exercise of harmful influence over others. There are people in our lives who are masters of manipulation and at times it takes us so long to realise that we’re being manipulated. This influence is not positive, hence the person has some sort of hold over you and make you do things that either benefit them or put you in a bad situation.

Some manipulators use emotional blackmail or guilt-tripping to make us bend our wills and do what they want. Others use sweet talk and gifts to lure their target to do something they do not want to do. Some manipulators use your weaknesses against you and try to control you.

The sad thing is that it is often those people in our close circles who can manipulate us. They have the influence over us because they claim to know what we want or what will be best for us. In truth, manipulative people are not good friends or even if they are family members, they are toxic.

Signs that you are being manipulated:

  • You are not the one making decisions and if you do make a decision, it is shot down by someone who always claims they know better than you do (unless you’re below the age of majority, you should have a say in most of your life decisions as an adult, unless there are extenuating circumstances).
  • The decisions do not give you peace or make you happy.
  • The decisions or situations you find yourself in with this person often complicate your life instead of making it better.
  • You have been warned by several others to watch out for this person
  • The manipulator wants to control you in many ways and always seems to be giving you advice about how you should act.
  • The manipulator always manages to make you think that what they are offering you is the best offer you will ever get, closing off all your other options that may provide a different view.

There could be many more signs, please share them in the comment section below. I do hope that once we recognise the toxic people in our lives we can begin the often painful process of distancing ourselves from them. There are still good people out there, but many who are also bad so let us stay vigilant and prayed up.

Thanks for reading.

Love always,


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